Work Related Injury

Osteopath treatment for work related pain is an excellent way to get fast recovery from that annoying niggle you may feel when at work. Work related musculoskeletal disorders are injury to the soft tissue i.e. ligament, muscle and tendons due to excessive work place activity.

In 2008/9 an estimated 538 000 people in Great Britain believed they were suffering from a work related musculoskeletal disorder that was caused or made worse by their current or past work. This equates to an estimated 9.3 million working days lost.

Most injuries were to the neck, back and upper limbs.

Overuse of computers and poor posture at desks can lead to repetitive injury to wrists, compression of discs in the neck and back, muscle fatigue and knotting of the upper back and shoulders which can lead to postural changes and tension headaches.

Excessive lifting in manual trades can lead to slipped discs in the back and wear and tear on cartilage leading to pain and possible disability.

With proper guidance on lifting procedures and correct workplace ergonomics many of these problems can be addressed and prevented. Osteopathic Services has the answers you need to be assured that you are doing the best for yourself to prevent injury from happening.

Regular osteopath treatment for work related pain can help maintain a healthy muscle balance, reduce stress, help headaches and improve posture so you can perform at your best. We have worked with staff from M&S, Metropolitan Police and Otis lifts.