Trapped Nerves & Sciatica

Osteopath treatments for trapped nerves and sciatica can help to relieve the pain travelling down arms and legs caused by nerve irritation. Trapped nerves known as compression neuropathy or nerve compression syndrome is a medical condition caused by pressure placed on a single nerve of the body. It can lead to pain, numbness and tingling in the area of the body that the nerve serves. A common cause of this is a slipped disc of the lower back which produces sciatic pain/sciatica. Nerve compression in the neck by a disc or facet joint encroachment is another common cause of pain and tingling in the arm, shoulder and hand.

Trapped nerves can be very debilitating producing constant and severe pain. Osteopathic manipulation can help in some instances but if you are in severe and constant pain it is advisable that you seek the advice from your GP first especially if you have weakness of the limb involved.

Treatment for trapped nerves can be lengthy as the nerve usually becomes bruised due to trauma. The inflammation and swelling around the nerve can often take several months to heal in some cases.

Trapped nerves can be self limiting but understanding what is causing the problem and how to address it is essential in the recovery process. That is why it is a good idea to seek osteopath treatment for trapped nerves and sciatica. We will give you advice to help deal with the root of the problem not just cover the symptoms (pain) with pain killers.